Vastu Shastra guidelines are crucial for both the interior design of a finished house and the building
and placement of the different rooms in a house. We look at a few fundamental dos and don’ts.

Many individuals think that Vastu Shastra simply applies to a property’s design and construction. However, the truth is that it also applies to home interior design. Even though your home was built in accordance with Vastu principles, if you neglected Vastu for the interiors, it could cause imbalance in the property’s overall Vastu.

“Vastu is important for a home’s interior design. It is thought that how the interiors are organised will affect the residents of the home. Positive and negative energy form based on the arrangements, impacting the residents. It is not always possible to decorate the interiors according to Vastu in the congested metropolitan environments of today. Therefore, a house’s decorations, colors, and furnishings can be changed somewhat to comply with Vastu.

So, in order to bring about health, prosperity, and harmony, it is ideal to seek the advice of a Vastu specialist when making plans.

Effect of Vastu in Interior

According to experts, some of the most important factors in interior design include the wall colour, the front door, the placement of the furniture, and the location of the temple. The following are some ways that a home’s interior design affects a property’s vastu:

  • The location of the kitchen is correlated with the family’s prosperity and health.
  • The bedroom’s decor has an impact on the residents’ personal, professional, and health lives.
  • Prosperity and serenity in the home are influenced by the location of the pooja room.
  • The placement of mirrors in the home may have an impact on happiness and health.
  • The placement of furniture can alter the flow of energy, which can have an impact on one’s physical and emotional well-being.
  • For the sake of hygiene and good health, water placement is crucial.
  • The selection of different colours for different areas of the house can also have a distinct effect.

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How to Arrange the Interiors According to Vastu Shastra

Everything inside a home is considered to be part of the interior design, including the walls, doors, windows, and textures and colours. Vastu principles use the five fundamental elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space to create harmony. It is said that arranging the furniture, decor, and interiors in accordance with the Vastu Shastra will bring prosperity, health, and welfare into the home. Eight directions are in each room. Therefore, in order to harmonise with the elements, one must be aware of how to build the interiors such that they do so in accordance with Vastu principles. One such custom is that a house’s entryway should face east. This is so because the sun rises in the east, allowing light and positivity to enter the home. Additionally, every colour has both positive and bad effects, according to Vastu.

For those who live in their homes, here are a few more crucial Vastu interior design advice:

  • Do not use black color tiles or furnishings in the kitchen.
  • East-facing should be the direction you read or studied.
  • The only direction one cannot sleep in is north.
  • Avoid using dark lighting throughout the house.
  • Clean up and maintain order in the northeast corner.
  • When sitting or sleeping, avoid looking into a mirror.

Home Art that Complies with Vastu can Improve the Interior Design

The water element is associated with the north-east direction in Vastu Shastra. Keep tranquil water paintings in this area to draw prosperity and wealth. Water paintings should never be kept in bedrooms. Avoid works of art that portray war, misery, or hopelessness.

Always show a pair of objects in any bedroom paintings or photos. Loneliness is indicated by a lone object. A lovely pair of swans, parrots, deer figurines, or paintings depicting lovers having fun together can be hung or displayed.

Vastu advises painting pictures of skyscrapers or rocky mountains on the interior walls facing the south and south-west since this is said to enhance the quality of the earth element and bring good fortune.

Vastu Tips to use Plants in interiors

Greenery brings calm and positivity into the house. The sacred herb, tulsi, is considered to bring prosperity to everyone in the home and requires lots of sunlight to grow. This plant should be positioned in the north, east, or north, per Vastu Shastra.

Money plants are considered lucky indoor plants as per Vastu, and they can enhance the beauty and draw positive energy to the room. For luck and wealth, it is best to keep money plants at the room’s southeast corner. Keep money plants in colourful bottles to decorate the home’s interior, or use his creeper to build a vertical wall of greenery. According to Vastu Shastra, the money plant shouldn’t be maintained outside.

The bamboo plant, according to Vastu Shastra, dispels negative energy and promotes balance. It ought to be positioned facing either east or southeast.

Jade, jasmine, and peace lilies are other lucky plants that can be maintained in your home.

Vastu Lighting Tips for Interior Decor

  • Proper lighting is essential for interior decoration that complies with Vastu. Make sure there is lots of natural light in the house. Replace or fix any fused or broken lighting fixtures right away. Always make sure the main door is properly lit.
  • To avoid glare and strong lighting in the living area, floor and table lamps must to have a sufficient number of shades.
  • Vastu states that the kitchen should have even illumination and little shadows. Include lighting in the pantry and storage area while designing the kitchen’s interior.
  • The north or east walls should have the most lighting fixtures since they are lucky.
  • Focus on the south zone to improve professional possibilities.
  • In the south or south-west zone, add candles for elegant lighting in your house.Positive energy is said to flow from this corner.
  • On the south-west wall, putting a spotlight over a family photo is thought to bring luck and maintain the family’s health.

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