The kitchen color according to Vastu is just as significant as the bedroom color according to Vastu, as are the wall colors and hall color according to Vastu. We provide you with expert guidance on choosing the best Vastu hues for your house.

Vastu colors for home

Vastu colors for homes have a huge psychological impact on humans, which is a truth. A person spends a large portion of their life at home. Home colour schemes for 2023 are described as being more earthy, which, when chosen and made vastu-compliant, will infuse your home with positive energy. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the right proportion of vastu colors in your home if you want to feel fresh and live a healthy life. For instance, some colors, such as the vastu-compliant kitchen color or the vastu-compliant bedroom colour, might arouse particular feelings in people. This page provides a thorough description of how to choose the proper Vastu hues for your home, including the North wall color according to Vastu, as well as further advice.

According to experts, the vastu colors for home should be chosen for each area of your house depending on its energy needs, size, and direction. Therefore, there will be a north wall color according to vastu and a wall color according to the area of the house, such as the kitchen or balcony. Vastu colors for a property should be chosen based on how it will be used. “People living in a home should keep the following points in mind and consider the vastu color chart, while coloring the rooms,” advises astrologer Gaurav Mittal.

Vastu colors for home: Wall colors according to rooms

Wall colors according to Vastu 

RoomSuggested wall colors according to vastuWall colors according to vastu to avoid
Master bedroomBlueDark shades of red
Guest roomWhiteDark shades of red
Drawing/living roomWhiteDark colours
Dining roomGreen, blue or yellowGrey
CeilingWhite or off-whiteBlack and grey
Kid’s roomWhiteDark blue and red
KitchenOrange or redDark grey, blue, brown and black
BathroomWhiteDark shades of any colour
HallYellow or whiteAny colour in deep shade
Pooja roomYellowRed
Home exteriorYellowish-white, off-white, light mauveBlack
Main door/entranceWhite, silver or wood coloursRed, deep yellow
Study roomLight green, blue, cream or whiteBrown, grey
Balcony/verandaBlue, cream, light tones of pink and greenGrey, black
GarageWhite, yellow, blueBlack, brown
StaircaseWhite, beige, brown, light grey, pale blueRed and black

Wall colors according to Vastu direction

DirectionSuitable colours
North-eastLight blue
EastWhite, light blue
South-eastOrange, pink, silver
NorthGreen, pista green, light blue
North-westLight grey color as per vastu, white, cream
WestWest wall color as per vastu are blue, white
South-westPeach, mud color or light brown
SouthRed , coral red, pink and yellow

Based on the homeowner’s birthdate and orientation, it is necessary to choose the wall colors according to vastu. As a result, the color of a wall in the west will differ from a wall’s color in the north or south according to Vastu.

“While according to vastu, each direction—for example, west—has a wall hue associated with it, sometimes the owner may still not like it. Homeowners should follow the general Vastu principles for home colors shown above (tabular) as a result.

According to Vastu, home owners should exercise additional caution when selecting colours like black, red, and pink because not everyone responds well to these hues. According to Vastu Shastra, colours that go well with the south direction are coral red and pink.

Vastu colors for home for walls: Tips to follow

  • According to Vastu, choose wall hues associated with your lucky planet or number. When choosing a bedroom shade according to vastu, consult a numerologist.
  • According to Vastu, the west wall’s colour is determined by Shani or Saturn, and grey is the best colour for this corner.
  • According to Vastu, the northern direction in a house is a particularly sacred space where goddess Lakshmi is thought to reside. This direction is influenced by the elements of “water” and “air.” As a result, this is where it is thought that money enters the home. Light blue, green, or pista should be the colour of the north wall according to vastu. If you look closely, you’ll see that according to vastu, the north wall is painted in soft, pleasing tones. Due to their association with general hardships and financial losses, dark colours are not advised for usage as the north wall colour in vastu. According to Vastu, green is the best hue for the north wall because Mercury rules this area. Jupiter rules the north-east direction, hence walls in this direction should be painted in colours like yellow.
  • According to Vastu, the south should have a red or orange wall hue because Mars rules the south.
  • Vastu suggests painting the east wall orange because the Sun rules the east. Similarly, pick the colour red for the south-east direction.
  • According to Vastu, the colour of the west wall is determined by Shani, or Saturn, and grey is the best colour for this quadrant.

Wall colors according to Vastu: Guidelines

Location / directionColour
WestWest wall colour as per vastu are blue and white
South and south-eastSilver, white, orange and pink
South-westSouth-west bedroom colour as per vastu are yellow and green
NorthNorth wall colour as per vastu is Green
North-eastCream and yellow
North-westWhite, grey colour as per vastu and cream
EastEest wall colour as per vastu are white, wooden colours or light blue

Main door/entrance: According to the main door’s direction, the table above lists the lucky colours for the door. Choose gentle colours for the entrance door, such as white, silver, or wood tones that go with the colouring scheme of the hall. For some reason, coral red or pink should be used if your main door is facing south. This is because the planet Mars, whose colour is red as we all know, has jurisdiction over the southern hemisphere.

Kids’ room: The optimum location for bedrooms for adult children who travel outside for school is in the north-west. According to Vastu colours for homes, since the moon rules the north-west direction, children’s rooms in this direction should be painted white.

Bathroom: The bathroom should be painted white because the north-west is the ideal location for a bathroom.

It is best to use light tones like white, cream, golden brown, or pastels. Dark colours, according to vaastu, not only make a space appear smaller but also draw in bad energy.

Hall colour as per Vastu: Every home’s living room serves as the hub of energy. The direction of the hall should ideally be either north-east or north-west.

Which colour is best for hall?

Hall colour as per Vastu should be painted yellow or white.

It must be a welcoming and tranquil setting. Shades of white, yellow, calm green, or blue are the best vastu colours for this property. According to Vastu, the colouring of the hall shouldn’t be garish or dazzling.

The family eats together in the dining room. Warm hues like peach, yellow, light orange-hued hues, and even blue are the best vastu colours for a residence in this region. Black and white should not be used in this space, according to Vastu principles for the home.

Home exterior colour: Based on the owners of the home, the external Vastu hues should be chosen. According to Vastu, outside wall paint should be a colour that may be worn by individuals of all Rashis, such as yellowish-white, off-white, light mauve, or orange.

Pooja room: This room should face north-east in accordance with Vastu recommendations for pooja rooms in order to maximise sunlight. For this phase of the vastu, yellow is the best colour for the dwelling because it will make the procedure easier. To make this section of your home a tranquil one, you should also stay away from using dark colours there. You can also choose orange as a vastu colour for your home in this area because it radiates energy, along with white and cream tones. While choosing wall colours based on vastu, it is a good idea to have one wall, preferably the backdrop of the altar, in a light blue or green tone as this is a calming hue.

Green is a particularly lucky colour in vastu for a home’s entrance area. It has health or relaxation advantages as well as growth or re-creation advantages. Excessive mood swings and temperamental problems can be managed with green.

Study room: According to Vastu, the best hues for a home study room are pale green, blue, cream, and white if you have a home office. Light colours make the space appear larger. Avoid using dark colours in the study at home because they will make the room feel gloomier. For your home office, choose lighter shades of gold, yellow, brown, and green to create a stable working environment and increase productivity.

Balcony/veranda: Balcony placement for a property should be in the north or east, according Vastu principles. For the balcony, choose serene hues like blue, cream, and pale pink and green. The inhabitants interact with the outside world in this area. Therefore, it is best to stay away from all dark tones.

Garage: The north-west side of the home is the best place for a garage according to Vastu colours for homes. White, yellow, blue, or any other light colour is ideal.

Wall colors according to Vastu that emit positive energy

You can choose from the colour scheme below if you’re looking for Vastu-approved wall hues that promote happiness in your home:


Shades of yellow are considered powerful, self-assured, and communication-related in vastu for the home.


Purple creates a perfect atmosphere for quietness. You can choose light shades like lavender as vastu colours for home for restful and soothing sleep.


Green colour reduces tension. Green hues have therapeutic properties for stress and depression and are also considered vastu colours for homes because they are related to the wood element.

Bedroom colour as per Vastu: What each colour stands for?

  • According to Vastu, the hue blue represents beauty, truth, and dedication in bedrooms.
  • According to Vastu, a bedroom painted green represents a happy environment.
  • According to Vastu, using pink in the bedroom makes a statement.
  • According to Vastu, a bedroom painted in yellow creates a happy atmosphere.
  • According to Vastu, an orange-colored bedroom creates an environment that is motivating.
  • Grey is a very elegant bedroom shade according to Vastu.
  • According to Vastu, a bedroom painted white creates a serene environment.
  • According to Vastu, a bedroom painted lavender creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom colour as per Vastu for couples

Blue and green are the vastu colours for bedroom for couples.

The master bedroom should face south-west, hence Vastu dictates that it should be painted blue. This is in accordance with the home’s recommended bedroom Vastu colours. The bedroom is a place for relaxation, and according to vastu, the colour scheme in the master bedroom should be calming and upbeat. When choosing bedroom colours according to vastu, it is recommended to keep the room light and airy with calming tones that are easy on the eyes. According to Vastu, the colour scheme for the master bedroom could be all-white with blue-colored furnishings and doors. In addition, any light or pastel colour can be used well as bedroom colours according to vastu. According to the principles of Vastu colours for bedrooms, avoid using heavy and dark colours in the master bedroom since they could give the room a sensation of gloom. Black and other similar colours shouldn’t be used in the master bedroom because they are not recommended by vastu.

According to Vastu, bright shades of yellow or pink are the best colours for bedroom walls as they promote connection and are recommended for couples, especially newlyweds. According to vastu, couples who have been married for some time should paint their bedrooms a gentle colour of green or blue.

According to Vastu, stay away from deep purple and red hues for your bedroom. According to vastu, you should stay away from dark tones of grey and black for your bedroom if you struggle with anxiety or high blood pressure.

Wall colours according to Vastu that you should avoid in your home

Light colours are always recommended by experts as Vastu colours for a home. As they symbolise some of the fiery planets like Rahu, Shani, Mars, and Sun, dark colours like red, brown, grey, and black may not be suitable for everyone. Avoid using red, dark yellow, and black. These colours typically have tremendous intensity and could disrupt the energy flow inside your home, warns Sethi. However, you can use red according to Vastu in particular areas of your home if you believe that it lacks passion and warmth.

  • Avoid using red in your bedroom too much because it indicates fire energy and can affect your temperament.
  • Vastu suggests that homeowners avoid using too much white in their homes since it promotes egocentrism.
  • As far as vastu colours for homes go, homeowners should steer clear of any dark hues in the garage and parking spaces.

Vastu colours for home: Curtains colour guidelines

According to Vastu hues for homes, we are influenced by all of the colours in a space, not just the colours on the walls. Therefore, choosing the right curtain hue according to vastu can make the house relaxing. Choose sheer drapes in light colours like white, off-white, rosy red, pink, etc. According to vastu, these colours promote tranquilly and relaxation, making them perfect for the bedroom. According to vastu, couples shouldn’t use black or shades of black as their bedroom colours.

Green, pink, and blue hues are suggested for the dining room curtains while yellow, green, and blue colours are appropriate for the living room curtains. Green represents harmony and healing and is a symbol of hope. Pink and blue colours represent love and new beginnings, respectively. According to vastu, the bathroom curtains should be a blend of pink, white, black and grey.

  • Light green curtains should be used in rooms that face north.
  • Vastu advises using white curtains in rooms with a north-west orientation.
  • According to vastu, curtains should be a grey shade for rooms facing west.
  • Curtains in red or pink should be used in rooms that face the south-east.
  • Curtains in the hue yellow should be used in rooms that face northeast.

Vastu colours for home: Flooring colour

The flooring colours should be light, pale, and in neutral tones according to vaastu colours for homes. White marble or granite are suitable vastu colours for a home since they promote a calm environment. In the north, north-east, or east of the house, wooden flooring is also an option. Additionally, one can choose a hue of blue for the flooring if they are facing northeast. Keep your kitchen flooring light-colored. However, crimson or pink-colored flooring is suggested for the south-east direction. Yellow-toned flooring should be used in rooms facing south-west.

Vastu colours for home: Significance

RedPassion, power, emotions, warmth
BlueBeauty, contentment, devotion, truth
GreenGrowth, healing, fertility, prosperity
WhitePurity, openness, innocence, luxury
YellowOptimism, openness, study, intelligence
OrangeDetermination, goals, good health, comfort
BrownStability, satisfaction, comfort
PurpleRichness, luxury, graciousness, pride

Vastu colours for home: Kitchen colours

What are the kitchen colours as per Vastu? 

The best kitchen colours as per Vastu colours are orange and red as the kitchen represents the fire element. The kitchen can be painted yellow in accordance with vastu since the colour scheme for the room also includes bright hues. Warm colours like pink represent affection and warmth, and the Vastu colour for the kitchen is brown because it represents fulfilment. For kitchens, the south-east zone is perfect. Lemon yellow, orange, or even green hues work well as Vastu colours for kitchens if there are kitchen cabinets because they signify positivity, freshness, and health. Choose marble, ceramic, or mosaic tiles for the flooring. According to Vastu, the floor should be painted in light tones like beige, white, or light brown. Granite or quartz are the ideal naturally occurring stones for kitchen slabs, according to Vastu recommendations. Orange, yellow, and green are good hues for the kitchen counters, according to vaastu. According to Vastu, a kitchen’s colour shouldn’t be too dark. Avoid using dark grey or black in the kitchen, which are Vastu-recommended tones. Because blue signifies Varuna, the deity of water, and the kitchen is a place where fire rules, blue should not be used as a kitchen wall colour or even as a kitchen colour according to vastu.

Vastu colours for home: Tips for colours of paintings and pictures

Place artwork on the north-east wall of the room in accordance with Vastu colours for the home. Red and black should be avoided. In addition to wall colours, Vastu says that the paintings and photographs on a wall have an impact. Career is related to the north zone of the house. Paintings in blue that depict water features (such as a sea, river, stream, or fountain) might increase riches and luck. Keep water-themed artwork out of the bedroom. On the north wall is a painting representing a road or path that opens up more employment choices.

As looking at these calming sights is therapeutic, it is better to utilise paintings or photographs that are scenic or mimic nature.

According to Vastu Shastra, the east symbolises the sun and the south, the fire. Therefore, the east and south-east zones might be decorated with paintings of the rising sun (in yellow and orange) or vegetation. South represents the earth, the soil, and stability. Decorate the wall with images of mountains and fully grown trees in a brown frame to amplify the energy of the south zone.

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