You might even engage a professional while planning your home makeover if you want to get some ideas from high-end interior magazines and websites. While doing so, one could frequently neglect the importance of Vastu Shastra in interior design. Vastu principles can enhance the happiness, success, and riches in your paradise by being included into your home’s colour scheme and design.

Most individuals look for new ideas and innovative concepts to transform the plain decor of their houses into something ultra-trendy as modernization progresses. They become enthralled by the most recent fashions and patterns and envision applying them to spruce up their residences. The delicate significance of right directions and object placement within a home’s design, meanwhile, could be missed amid all the confusion.

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian discipline of construction, makes sure that doesn’t happen by offering useful advice on how to create a steady flow of good energy in your home. According to Vastu, the incorrect orientation of rooms and the misplacement of furniture and decorative elements can annoy and disengage you by obstructing or confusing the flow of prana. It makes sure that everything in your home is coordinated and well-designed to welcome happiness, prosperity, health, wealth, harmony, and positive energy.

We’re providing you some of the most important Vastu Shastra home design advice today, so you may utilise it to create your dream home. To find out more about them, scroll down.

Vastu Home Design: Why it is Important?

Vastu Shastra lays out guidelines for dimensional geometry, space arrangement, design, and layout for dwellings and other built-up structures. It traditionally incorporates both Buddhist and Hindu religious concepts. Aside from the constant diagrams of layout, geometric patterns, alignments for directions, and symmetry, Vastu Shastra in interior design strives to create elemental harmony between nature and one’s living place.

According to the Vastu philosophy, a room’s model, design, functions, purpose, and usage are all related. Vastu Shastra recommendations for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, prayer room, bathroom, home office, playroom and outdoor areas, among other rooms. Construction of cities, gardens, highways, townships, waterworks, and other public places have all included vaastu principles.

Vastu, which balances the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space to attract good energy, is regarded as the spirit of a house. Each area in a house needs to reflect the appropriate prana in order to generate a joyful and harmonious atmosphere. After all, the energy of the house has an impact on the residents’ mental health.

Benefits of Vastu in Home Design

When planning the interiors of your home as per Vastu, experts advise that the key interior decor components be kept in mind. The entryway, wall colour, furniture layout, and temple positioning are some examples of these decor components or areas.

The following are some key ways that the inside of a house affects the Vastu of the building:

  • The family’s wealth and health are correlated with where the kitchen is located.
  • People’s careers, personal lives, and health are all impacted by their bedrooms.
  • The placement of the temple chamber is thought to promote harmony and wealth inside the home.
  • The placement of mirrors throughout the house may have an impact on happiness and health.
  • The location of the furniture might impact the energy balance that promotes health and mental tranquilly.
  • To maintain improvements in hygiene and health, water placement is crucial.
  • The colours used for the various rooms in the house each create a unique effect.

Vastu Rules while Designing Your Home

The following are some of the fundamental guidelines and concepts of Vastu Shastra house design:

  • Your home’s rooms should preferably be square or rectangular in shape.
  • All parts of the rooms should be clean, bright, airy, and well-lit.
  • It is best to leave the heart of the house unoccupied.
  • Almiras and other large, heavy furniture pieces should face southwest. If you want to build a duplex home, this orientation is also ideal for the stairs.
  • According to vastu, bedrooms shouldn’t have any plants or water features like an aquarium, a fountain, or even a painting of water.
  • Place the dining room table next to the kitchen. Make sure to keep it away from the front door.
  • Mirrors that reflect the pair when they are sleeping shouldn’t be present in the bedroom. Make sure your bed does not appear in the bedroom mirror.

Items for Vastu Decor to Keep at the Home

Items for Vastu Decoration to Have at HomeConsider the things that will enhance your home’s design according to Vastu if you want to make it more attractive. Several Vastu-inspired decorating items promote harmony and joy, which improves your general well-being. Here is a list of several home design items that are supposed to bring good fortune and wealth.

Buddha at the Entrance

A Buddha statue at the front entryway is thought to be divine and auspicious, guarding your house against evil. For best results, keep in mind to position it facing east. Avoid setting it on the floor and keep the statue clean.

Vastu Paintings

According to Vastu Shastra, some artworks are thought to have a positive influence on your life and bring luck. To attract more money and fortune, you can hang paintings of a waterfall, goldfish, seven horses, and running water. Put up paintings of endless straight roads and walkways to improve your employment prospects.

If your home doesn’t contain any fire elements, you can hang paintings of candles and the morning. Additionally, it is recommended to retain paintings of flowers and birds for the purpose of fostering interpersonal interactions.

Fish Aquariums

Aquariums are known to breathe vitality into living rooms. Aquariums with fish are thought to balance many Doshas according to Vastu. A few researchers claim that aquariums also aid in lowering high blood pressure, tension, and anxiety.

Wind Chimes

Although wind chimes are known to beautify house décor, these ornaments also promote joy, calm, and positivity. You can buy wooden wind chimes for the south, east, and southeast of your house, or metal ones for the north, west, and northwest.

Water with Flowers

It is a quick and easy method to bring joy into your house. To decorate your home, you may pour some flowers into a lovely bowl of water. This gorgeous decorative item is intended to bring wealth into your home and is also regarded as fortunate according to Vastu.

Other ornaments that promote harmony and optimism in homes include:

  • Put some fresh flowers somewhere to spruce up your house. To welcome beauty, optimism, and good fortune, put some vibrant flowers in a vase and arrange them on the centre table of your living space.
  • To embrace positivism, place an artistic lamp in the middle of your corridor.
  • Dog statues should be placed near the entryway because they tend to ward off evil spirits.
  • Create a little waterfall in your home to attract luck.

To Sum Up

Vastu Shastra is an effective science that may be used to assist you entice luck, beauty, and wealth into your home. When designing your interiors, all you have to do is follow the instructions. Put some Vastu décor items in your home to enhance the peaceful atmosphere.

A Vastu specialist with considerable experience in interior design may also do the task for you. For the greatest advice and help with Vastu home interiors and to transform your house into a joyful place, contact Interior Company.

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